Goodness of Surim

We only use Surimi content sourced from selected fresh marine fish. Together with our continuous R&D efforts, we are able to produce a wide selection of delicious products of the highest quality.

What are Surimi products?

“Surimi” is a Japanese term literally meaning “ground meat” refers to a paste made from fish. This high protein paste is often used as the primary ingredient in a variety of ways to make “Surimi-based products”.

Surimi-based products are popular ingredients for a number of cooking styles because they are easy to cook, versatile and can be kept for long periods.

However, there are a few common misconceptions about Surimi-based products that people often have. Here, we aim to provide you with the right information for your perfect Surimi meal in your kitchen.

Surimi-based products made from 100% fish will be tough and chewy. A good, springy piece of Surimi-based products is made from a correct proportion amount of fish meat and other ingredients. SEAROY fish ball has the formula to the best Surimi-based products for you and your family.