Manufacturing Process

  1. Received of raw material and ingredients
  2. Cut head and gutted
  3. Washing
  4. Deboning
  5. Removing small bones and skins
  6. Dewatering
  7. Stuffing
  8. Blending with all ingredients
  9. Forming
  10. Cooking- Steam or Fry
  11. Freezing
  12. Packing
  13. Metal Detecting
  14. Storage in Freezer temperature at -18C

Quality Control

  1. ​Microbiology Test
  2. Physical Laboratory
  3. Sensory Test (taste, weight, texture, color & shape).

Halal Practices and EU Standards

As we export products to countries in different regions around the world, we enforce strict Halal and European (EU) Standards in our processes.

Halal certification requires that our products and processes do not contain items or ingredients that are forbidden to Muslims by Islamic law, including the equipment and ingredients used in making the product.

European Standards ensure that the product’s quality and safety meet required standards in order to be sold to European markets.

We have been certified Halal by The Islamic Committee Office of Thailand while our products are of EU Standard and exported to Europe.